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Moms in Security Global Outreach (MISGO) has launched a new initiative aimed at bridging the gap between college-aged students and medicolegal resources on campus. The program, called MISGO U, will provide training and other initiatives to guide campus police towards improved methods of intervention in cases of sexual exploitation, assault, and harassment.

The lack of awareness and campus-wide initiatives to combat sexual exploitation has led to a stigma surrounding sexual behavior. MISGO U aims to change that by empowering students and creating community solidarity and empathy towards victims of exploitation. With the program, campus police will be better equipped to react to scenarios of exploitation, leading to a safer and more aware community.

MISGO U was first launched at the University of Pittsburgh in 2022 and has already made a positive impact on the campus community. The program has received support from students and faculty alike, who recognize the importance of addressing the relationship gap between college students and medicolegal resources.

In addition to the University of Pittsburgh, MISGO is also looking to expand the program to the K-12 space, with adaptations to better suit younger children. This will help to create a safer and more aware community from a young age, promoting healthy relationships and preventing exploitation and abuse.

Join MISGO in our mission to empower college students and young children. By working together, we can create a safer and more aware community, where everyone is empowered to protect themselves and each other. To get involved or to learn more about MISGO U, please contact us directly at

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