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At Moms in Security Global Outreach, our mission goes beyond fundraising and awareness. We are driven by a burning desire to fight against the horrors of human trafficking and child exploitation. As a not-for-profit organization, we serve as a vital link between the security industry, law enforcement, and public/private organizations, working together to create actionable solutions.


On this 4th of July weekend, we celebrate the essence of freedom and independence, sharing our vision to shed light on this monstrous issue, offer ideas for awareness, safe reporting mechanisms, and forge partnerships that aid the recovery, rehabilitation, and reunification of victims with their families.

Illuminating the Darkness
The fight against human trafficking begins with raising awareness. We believe that education and understanding are powerful tools to combat this heinous crime. Through our initiatives, we aim to shine a light on the stark realities of human trafficking, ensuring that communities and individuals are informed and empowered to take action.

Building Safe Reporting Mechanisms
Creating safe reporting mechanisms is crucial in breaking the chains of human trafficking. We are committed to sharing channels where victims, witnesses, or concerned individuals can come forward without fear of retribution. By fostering an environment of trust and protection, we can pave the way for survivors to reclaim their lives and for justice to be served.

Partnerships for Recovery and Rehabilitation
Recovery and rehabilitation are essential aspects of restoring the lives of trafficking survivors. Moms in Security Global Outreach actively seeks partnerships with organizations dedicated to providing the necessary support and resources. By collaborating with public and private entities, we can ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach to healing, addressing physical, emotional, and psychological needs.

Reunification and Family Support
The bond between victims of human trafficking and their families is often torn apart. Our organization recognizes the significance of reuniting survivors with their loved ones and providing ongoing support. We strive to promote the reconnection process, offering assistance and guidance to rebuild fractured relationships and foster an environment of love, care, and understanding.

As we celebrate freedom and independence, let us remember those whose lives have been devastated by human trafficking. Moms in Security Global Outreach stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to fighting this abhorrent crime. By raising awareness, establishing safe reporting mechanisms, and forging partnerships, we contribute to the recovery, rehabilitation, and reunification of victims with their families. Together, we can make a lasting impact and build a world where freedom and independence prevail over the darkness of exploitation.